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Always a work in progress, this page is a collection of publications, articles, photos, reports, regulations, comment letters and legislation we have complied through the years.

Current efforts include making each publication an active link, either to the publication itself, or, for materials under strict copyright protection, to an abstract and an opportunity to purchase the material.

If you have publications to recommend to the library, or have comments or corrections, please use the link above and complete the online form.

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Washington Cougar Files Sorted by Type

Scientific Research

  • Beausoleil et al 2005 ABSTRACT Using DNA to Estimate Cougar Populations in Washington A Collaborative Approach
  • Cooley 2008 MASTERS THESIS Effects of hunting on cougar population demography
  • Cooley Wielgus 2009 Does Hunting Regulate Cougar Populations test compensatory mortality
  • Cooley Wielgus 2009 Source populations in carnivore management cougar demography and emigration in a lightly hunted population
  • Cooley Wielgus et al 2008 Cougar Prey Selection in a White tailed Deer and Mule Deer Community
  • Cooley Wielgus et al 2009 Does Hunting Regulate Cougar Populations a test of the compensatory mortality hypothesis
  • Cruickshank 2004 MASTERS THESIS Prey Selection and Kill Rates of Cougars In Northeastern Washington
  • Cruickshank et al 2003 Functional Response of Cougars and Prey Availability in Northeastern Washington
  • Cruickshank et al 2005 ABSTRACT Prey Selection and Functional Response of Cougars in Northeastern Washington
  • EPA NWPPC 2002 Annual Progress Report Effects of Cougar Predation and Nutrition on Mule Deer Population Declines in the IM Province of the Columbia Basin 2001 2002
  • Evermann et al 1997 Occurrence of Puma Lentivirus Infection in Cougars from Washington 1993 1994
  • Gross 2008 No Place for Predators
  • Harlow et al 1992 Stress Response of Cougars to Nonlethal Pursuit by Hunters
  • Keehner 2009 MASTERS THESIS Effects of Reproductive Status of Mountain Lions on Prey Selection of Mule Deer and White Tailed Deer In Northeastern Washington
  • Kertson 2005 Political and Socio Economic Influences on Cougar Management Legislation In Washington State Post Initiative 655
  • Kertson 2013 Demographic influences on cougar residential use and interactions with people in western Washington JM
  • Kertson et al 2011 Cougar Space Use and Movements in the Wildland Urban Landscape of Western Washington
  • Kertson Grue 2005 ABSTRACT Cougars and Citizen Science Evaluating Accuracy of Data Collected By Student Volunteers on Cougar Ecology Preliminary Findings
  • Koehler Maletzke 2003 Movement Patterns of Male and Female Cougars (Puma Concolor) Implications for Harvest Vulnerability
  • Koehler Nelson 2003 ABSTRACT Project Cat (Cougars and Teaching) Integrating Science, Schools, and Community in Development Planning
  • Lambert 2003 MASTERS THESIS Dynamics and Viability of a Cougar Population in the Pacific Northwest
  • Lambert et al ABSTRACT 2003 Dynamics and Viability of a Cougar Population in the Pacific Northwest
  • Lambert Wielgus et al 2006 Cougar Population Dynamics and Viability in the Pacific Northwest
  • Land Information Bulletin 2001 Tracking Cougars with Project CAT
  • Maletzke Meyer 2005 Identifying I 90 Wildlife Corridors Using GIS & GPA Spatial Temporal Model of Landscape Use by GPS MArked Cougars
  • Martorello Beausoleil 2003 ABSTRACT Characteristics of Cougar Harvest with and Without the Use of Dogs
  • Meyer 2016 POSTER A Comparative Analysis of Mountain Lion Predation Site Properties Yellowstone Snoqualmie
  • Morrison 2010 MASTERS THESIS Effects of Hunting Males On Female Cougar Population Gorwth and Persistence
  • Peebles et al 2013 Effects of Remedial Sport Hunting on Cougar Complaints and Livestock Depredations 2005 2010
  • Pfeifer 2004 Role of the Nursing Order in Social Development of Mountain Lion Kittens OLYMPIC GAME FARM SEQUIM
  • Plos Biology Gross 2008 No Place for Predators
  • Project Cat (Cougars and Teaching) A Unique Collaborative Project Between Schools and Reasearchers
  • Rickard Foreyt 1992 Gastrointestinal Parasites of Cougars in Washington and the First Report of Ollulanus tricuspis in a Sylvatic Felid from North America
  • Robinson Cooley Wielgus 2008 Sink Populations in Carnviore Management Cougar Demography and Immigration in a Hunted Population
  • Robinson et al 2003 ABSTRACT Cougar Total Predation Response to Differing Prey Densities A Proposed Experiment to Test the Apparent Competition Hypothesis
  • Skalski 1994 Estimating Wildlife Populations Based on Incomplete Area Surveys
  • Vales 2005 Modeling Prey and Cougar with an Approach for Managing Cougars To Meet Prey Population Objectives
  • WA Rertson 2010 DISSERTATION Cougar Ecology, Behavior, and Interactions with People in a Wildland Urban Environment in Western Washington
  • Warren Beausoleil 2016 Forest Cover Mediates Genetic Connectivity of Northwestern Cougars CG
  • WDFW Beausoleil 2005 ABSTRACT Using DNA to Estimate Cougar Populations in Washington A Collaborative Approach 8MLW
  • WDFW Beausoleil 2013 Cougar Gender and Age ID Chart
  • WDFW Beausoleil et al 2013 EARLY VIEW Research to Regulation Cougar Social Behavior as a Guide for Management
  • WDFW Rice 2003 Mountain Goat Research in the Washington Cascade Mountains
  • WDFW Rice 2006 Present and Future Mountain Goat Research in Washington State
  • WDFW Rice 2010 Effects of Mountain Goat Harvest on Historic and Contemporary Populations
  • Weilgus et al 2007 Effects of White tailed Deer Expansion and Cougar Hunting on Cougar Deer and Human Interactions Wielgus
  • White et al 2011 Differential Prey Use by Male and Female Cougars in Washington 2003 2008
  • Wielgus 2015 PPT Effects of Sport Hunting on Cougar Population Community and Landscape Ecology HSUSconf
  • Wielgus et al 2002 Effects of Cougar Predation and Nutrition on Mule Deer Population Declines in the Intermountain Province of the Columbia Basin Annual Report 2001 2002
  • Wielgus et al 2013 Effects of male trophy hunting on female carnivore population growth
  • Wielgus et al 2013 Effects of Male Trophy Hunting on Female Carnivore Population Growth and Persistence BioCons

Agency Reports



  • Ware, Dave, WDFW Cougar Mortality Data 2000-2011 Statistics, 2011
  • Ware, Dave, WDFW Cougar Mortality Data , 2011
  • Dansel, Senate Bill 6287 Cougar Control With Hounds, 2014
  • WDFW, RCW 77.36, 2014


  • 1976 Cougar Status Report — 1st Mountain Lion Workshop
  • 1984 Cougar Status Report — 2nd Mountain Lion Workshop
  • 1988 Cougar Status Report — 3rd Mountain Lion Workshop
  • 1996 Cougar Status Report — 5th Mountain Lion Workshop
  • 2003 Cougar Status Report — 7th Mountain Lion Workshop
  • 2005 Cougar Status Report — 8th Mountain Lion Workshop
  • 2008 Cougar Status Report — 9th Mountain Lion Workshop
  • Around the Valley, Cougar Killed Horse, Animal Control Says , 2005
  • Associated Press, Pilot Cougar Hunt with Dogs Approved in Five Counties , 2004
  • Associated Press, Transplanted Elk Falling Prey to Cougar Attacks , 2004
  • Associated Press, Raw Cougar Meat Blamed for Trichinosis , 2007
  • Associated Press, Treed Cougar Shot, Killed in Malott, Washington , 2008
  • Associated Press, Queary 2001 Hunting, Trapping Initiatives Challenged , 2001
  • Associated Press, Valdes 2008 Lawmakers Look at Expanding the Use of Hound Dogs in Cougar Hunts , 2008
  • Campbell Methow Valley News, Lucky Libby Relocated After Suspected Alpaca Kill , 2009
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  • Conservation Magazine, Stover, Troubled Teens , 2009
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  • Farrell, Cougars, Cougars on the Prowl in the Valley , 2008
  • Forman, Secret Family Life of Cougars - Wildlife Conservation April 2009 , 2009
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  • High Country News, Hartwig, The Burbs Target Cougars , 2000
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  • Jacobson, Restaurant Owner Spots Cougar in Parking Lot Near Ferry Terminal Early Thursday Morning , 2005
  • McCoy, Poster: WDFW Karelian Bear Dog event, 2012
  • Methow Valley News Online , Collaring the big cats , 2013
  • MLF, WA Legislature extends use of hounds in cougar hunts for 3 years , 2008
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  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Valdes, Lawmakers Look at Expanding the Use of Hound Dogs in Cougar Hunts , 2008
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  • Seattle Times, Doughton, Is Cougar Hunting Breeding Chaos , 2008
  • Seattle Times, Doughton, Is Stepped-up Hunting Intensifying Cougar-Human Conflicts , 2008
  • Seattle Times, Doughton, State to Decide on Plan to Scale Back Cougar Hunting Today , 2008
  • Seattle Times, Krishnan, Cougar Kills Pet Alpaca , 2008
  • Seattle Times, Thomas, Cougar Encounters Rise and Fall as Rules for Hunting Change , 2007
  • Seattle Times, Thomas, State’s Carnivore Specialist Helped People, Cougars Coexist , 2007
  • Smith, Go (away) Coug , 2008
  • The Columbian, Klickitat County Proposed for Cougar Hunting with Hounds , 2008
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  • The Leader, McGrady , Big Cougar Hunted After it Kills Domestic Sheep , 2008
  • The Olympian, Possible Cougar Sighting Under Investigation in the West Olympia , 2008
  • The Oregonian, Hunters for Cougar that Scratched Grand Coulee Boy , 2008
  • The Statesman, Henneman, State Legislature Authorizes the Probram for Three More Years , 2008
  • Varosh, State Web Site Tracks Cougar Sightings, Database is Compiled From Public Reports, Complaints and Can Be Searched by Town , 2005
  • Washington ICEO, Winninghoff, Rethinking Eco-friendly Investing , 2006
  • Weiser Signal American, Ruth, Hunter Attracts Cougar He Didn’t Want , 2005
  • Wenatchee World, Seventh State Cougar Cub Off To Zoo , 2007
  • Wenatchee World, Mehaffey, Bill on Hunting Cougars with Dogs Passes House , 2008
  • Western Roundup Gross, Cougars in Chaos , 2008
  • World, Mehaffey, Officer Kills Cougar in Malott , 2008
  • Yakima Hearld-Republic, Sandsberry, Cougar Conundum , 2008
  • Yakima Hearld-Republic, Sandsberry, Quick Shot, Big Result at Teen Bags King-sized Cougar , 2007
  • Yakima Herald Republic, Mountain Lion Sightings on the Rise Across Valley , 2005
  • Yakima Herald Republic, Muir, Raw Cougar Meat Makes Hunter Sick , 2007
  • , Cougar Concern Raised , 2008

Cougar Age and Sex Identification Guide

01/13/14 Guest Commentary by Rich Beausoleil, Washington DFW

Male and female mountain lions appear almost identical and getting a good look at a cat's rear end is often the only way to tell for sure the sex of the animal. Determining the age can also be tricky, but a chart and photos provided by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife offer a helpful guide. This feature was adapted from a flier, which is also available here for easy printing.

ON AIR: Dave Jones on WDFW's KBD Program

10/08/13 An Audio Interview with Julie West, MLF Broadcaster

In this edition of our audio podcast ON AIR, MLF Broadcaster Julie West interviews Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Warden Dave Jones. Officer Jones is partnered with one of the Department's six Karelian bear dogs (KBDs).

Barking Up the Right Tree: Washington's Karelian Bear Dog Program

06/08/12 Part 1 of a Series: Guest Commentary by Bob McCoy, Mountain Lion Foundation Volunteer Field Representative, Sammamish, Washington

Where cities meet wildlands, crossing the boundary can often make the difference between life and death for a mountain lion. We all know that mountain lions are often shot and killed to insure public safety when they wander across this unmarked boundary following prey such as deer or raccoons, in search of water, or when challenged out of their territory by a parent or competing lion. Bill Hebner, a Captain in the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) envisioned and implemented an alternative that allows authorities to relocate some cougars back to the wild: Karelian Bear Dogs.

Managing the Big Cats

08/27/13 Guest Commentary from Ann McCreary, Methow Valley News

In this reposting of a Methow Valley News article, journalist Ann McCreary discusses the latest cougar research in Washington and how it's reshaping management of this often misunderstood cat. Biologists are learning that killing more mountain lions can increase conflicts with people. The long-ignored social structure and territorial habits of lions are key factors. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists are striving for a more science-based approached to creating lion policies in the state.

Effects of Sport Hunting on Cougar Population, Community, and Landscape Ecology

12/20/12 A 22-minute video by Dr. Wielgus, WSUCAHNRS

Presented by Washington State University professor of wildlife ecology and Large Carnivore Lab director Dr. Rob Wielgus at the 2012 International Conference of the Wildlife Society. This presentation offers 15 years of research in 15 minutes.

Mountain Lion Mom and Cubs

04/09/13 A 5-minute video by 64puma64

A family has some unusual guests on their property in northern Washington: a mother mountain lion and her three cubs. A trail camera captures some great footage of the family as the four animals interact with each other. The mother lion has a rare encounter with Fish & Wildlife biologists.

ON AIR: Gary Koehler on Applying Science to Attitudes

01/21/12 An Audio Interview with Julie West, MLF Broadcaster

In this edition of ON AIR, MLF Volunteer Julie West interviews cougar biologist Gary Koehler about his experience with mountain lion and human populations in Washington. Koehler sheds light on the difficulty of applying scientific research about lion behavior to human attitudes and management.

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Environmental Scorecard

Washington League of Conservation Voters

The Washington League of Conservation Voters scorecard considers the Washington State Legislature's environmental record over the past two years. It quantifies the environmental votes of each individual legislator — an important first step in considering accountability — and provides critical qualitative assessments as well. The scorecard will help you to know your legislator before you write a letter in support of cougars.

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Becoming a Mountain Lion Activist

There are lots of opportunities to take action!

Are you new to mountain lion activism? You want to change your local environment to improve it for cougars... but you don't know how to start. You may feel like you are all alone... but it takes just one person to change the attitudes and lifestyles of hundreds of others. You don't need to belong to a group. It doesn't take special skills or superhuman abilities. You just need to care enough about cougars to want to help them survive. You've already done the hard part, now let us help you with the next step.

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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Commonly abbreviated as: WDFW

Jim Unsworth, Director

Main Office:
Natural Resources Building
1111 Washington St. SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Mailing Address:
600 Capitol Way N
Olympia, WA 98501-1091

Cougar and Bear Specialist
Richard Beausoleil
3515 State Highway 97A
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Please write to the director and express your concern for cougars in Washington.

Thank the Department when they take steps to protect our state's cougars. Politely ask for policy reform and more officer training when they fall short of expectations.


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