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Always a work in progress, this page is a collection of publications, articles, photos, reports, regulations, comment letters and legislation we have complied through the years.

Current efforts include making each publication an active link, either to the publication itself, or, for materials under strict copyright protection, to an abstract and an opportunity to purchase the material.

If you have publications to recommend to the library, or have comments or corrections, please use the link above and complete the online form.

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  • The history of cougars in North Dakota.

  • Ecosystems and habitat in North Dakota.

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North Dakota Cougar Files Sorted by Type

Scientific Research

  • Bonham, K. , 2015, In Rare Incident, Mountain Lion Hut by Vehicle in Northeastern North Dakota. Wdaz.
  • Dakota, N., Game, N. D., Dakota, N., Code, C., Early, T., Canada, S., … States, U. , 2014, 2013-2014 SMALL GAME - FURBEARER.
  • Davenport, M., Nielsen, C., & Mangun, J. , 2010, Attitudes Toward Mountain Lion Management in the Midwest: Implications for a Potentially Recolonizing Large Predator. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 15
  • Eckroth, L. , 2009, Mountain Lion Shot in Bismarck. The Bismarck Tribune.
  • Gehring, B. , 2014, Study- mountain lion population declining. The Bismarck Tribune.
  • LaRue, M. A., & Nielsen, C. K. , 2008, Modelling potential dispersal corridors for cougars in midwestern North America using least-cost path methods. Ecological Modelling, 212
  • Thompson, D. J., Fecske, D. M., Jenks, J. a., & Jarding, A. R. , 2009, Food Habits of Recolonizing Cougars in the Dakotas: Prey Obtained from Prairie and Agricultural Habitats. The American Midland Naturalist, 161
  • Wilckens, D. T., Smith, J. B., Tucker, S. A., Thompson, D. J., & Jenks, J. A. , 2016, Mountain lion
  • Wilckens, D., French, B. B., National, R., Refuge, W., & Dakota, N. , 2013, Montana lion shot 230 miles from where it was collared for study,

Agency Reports

  • NDGFD , 2007, Status of Mountain Lion Management in North Dakota
  • NDGFD , 2012, Mountain Lion Mortality Data.
  • NDGFD , 2014, Status of Mountain Lion Management in ND 2014
  • NDGFD , 2016, Status of Mountain Lion Management in ND 2016
  • NDGFD , n.d., NDGFD Cougar Mortality Statistics.pdf



  • Associated Press, 2005 Hunters Tell of Mountain Lion Kills
  • Associated Press, 2005 Mountain Lion Season Starts Slowly
  • Associated Press, 2006 Game and Fish Department Keeping Track of Collared Cougar
  • Associated Press, 2007 Fifth Mountain Lion Killed; Season Ends in Western North Dakota
  • Associated Press, 2008 3rd Mountain Lion Season Ends; Debate Continues
  • Associated Press, 2008 Cougars Continue to Get Caught in Traps
  • Associated Press, 2008 Cougars Sighted Near New Town
  • Associated Press, 2008 First Cougar of Season Killed
  • Associated Press, 2008 First Mountain Lion of eason Killed
  • Associated Press, 2008 First Mountain Lion of North Dakota Season Killed
  • Associated Press, 2008 Mountain Lions Won’t Be Classified as Varmints
  • Associated Press, 2008 North Dakota’s 3rd Mountain Lion Season Ends
  • Associated Press, 2008 Officials Investigatin Possible Cougar Attack
  • Associated Press, 2008 Officials Say Horse Wasn’t Attacked by Cougar
  • Associated Press, 2008 Owner of Pregnant mare Believes Mountain Lion Attacked Horse
  • Associated Press, 2008 Tribe Opens Lion Hunt
  • Associated Press, 2008 Williston Bowhunter Kills Cougar
  • Associated Press, 2008 Young Mountain Lion Caught in Trap Euthanized
  • Associated Press, North Dakota Mountain Lions Wandering
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2007 Mountain Lion May Have Been North Dakota’s Eve. Bismark Tribune
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2008 Mountain Lion Licenses Proposed. Bismark Tribune
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2008 North Dakota’s 3rd Mountain Lion Season Ends. Bismark Tribune
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2008 Traps Snare, Kill Three Mountain Lions. Bismark Tribune
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2007 A Visit with North Dakota Game and Fish Director Terry Steinwand
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2007 Badlands Mountain Lion Season Over
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2007 Changes in Trapping Regulations Unlikely
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2007 Cougar Captured, Killed in Badlands
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2007 Dead Cougar Found Frozen in Lake Sakakawea Ice
  • Bismarck Tribune, 2008 Mountain Lions Get GPS Collars
  • Bismarck Tribune, Comments on Trapped Mountain Lion is Euthanized
  • Boomgarden, 2008 Pierre Report Time Flies as the Legislature Works
  • Dickson Press, 2008 Cougar’s Radio Collar Conks Out
  • Dickson Press, 2008 Editorial - Some Credible Suggestions are Given
  • Gehring, 2008 First Mountain Lion of Season Taken. Bismark Tribune
  • Gehring, 2008 Mountain Lion Reported in Mandan. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2005 Mountain Lion Allegedly Shot. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2005 Necropsies Hold No Surprises. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2005 North Dakota Mountain Lion Fitted with Radio Collar. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2006 Many Questions Persist over North Dakota Mountain Lions. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2006 Many Questions Persist Over North Dakota Mountain Lions. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2006 Mountain Lion Stays Close to North Dakota Capture Site. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2007 All Five Cougars Killed Were Females. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2007 Changes in trapping regulations unlikely. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2007 Changes Proposed for Third Mountain Lion Hunting Season. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2007 Cougar Spotted near Bismarck. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2007 Investigation Continuing in Death of Mountain Lion. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2007 Mountain Lions Spreading Across North Dakota. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2007 Outfitter Charged in Mountain Lion Case. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2007 Young Mountain Lion Found Dead in Trap. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2008 Lion Taken in Sargent County. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2008 Mountain Lion Caught in Western North Dakota. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2008 Mountain Lions Get GPS Collars. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2008 Owner, Officials Disagree on Horse Injuries. Bismark Tribune
  • Hinton, 2008 Trapped Mountain Lion is Euthanized. Bismark Tribune
  • Hyra, 2007 Police; Mountain Lion Sightings Seem Credible, Jamestown Sun
  • Inforum, 2006 Lion Still Traveling
  • Inforum, 2007 Proposed Mountain Lion Season Would Include Two Hunting Zones
  • Inforum, 2007 Two Mountain Lions Shot in North Dakota, Officials Say
  • Inforum, 2007 Unusual Cougar Incidents in North Dakota
  • KFYR , 2007 5th Mountain Lion Killed
  • KFYR , 2007 Cougars Settling in Badlands
  • KFYR , 2007 Two Mountain Lions Killed
  • KXMBTV, 2007 Proposed North Dakota Mountain Lion Season Change
  • KXMBTV, 2008 Horse Injured
  • KXMBTV, 2008 Mountain Lion
  • KXMCTV , 2007 Hunter Finds Mountain Lion Cubs
  • KXMCTV , 2007 Young Mountain Lion Trapped
  • Loznak , 2007 Experts; Cougar Population Not Increasing, USA Today
  • MacPherson, MacPherson Authorities Report First Mountain Lion Kill of the Season, Associated Press
  • MacPherson, 2005 Hunt Ends for Mountain Lion that Threatened Bikers, Associated Press
  • MacPherson, 2006 Cougar Captured, Collared for Tracking, Associated Press
  • Minot Daily News, 2007 Hunter Stumbles Across Mountain Lion Cubs
  • Minot Daily News, 2007 Lake Levels, Lions Highlight Minot Meeting
  • Minot Daily News, 2007 Lion Entombed in Ice at Four Bears
  • Minot Daily News, 2007 Mother, Daughter Spot Mountain Lion; Game & Fish Call Claim “Unfounded.”
  • Minot Daily News, 2008 Special Reservation Lion Hunt Opened
  • News , 2005 Mountain Lion Spotted Near Thompson
  • News , 2008 Coyote Hunters Killed Another Mountain Lion in North Dakota
  • News , 2008 KXMBTV 2008 Possible Mountain Lions in Bismarck
  • News , 2008 Mountain Lion
  • News , NDGFD 2007 Another Mountain Lion Caught in Western North Dakota
  • News , NDGFD 2007 Mountain Lion Caught in Snare; Later Euthanized
  • News , 2005 Guided Mountain Lion Hunt Off
  • News , ND C Feininger 2005 Mitch Feininger Letter; No Good Reason for a Cougar Hunt
  • Nicholson , 2007 Are Lions Moving East, Trapper Says It’s Humans Who are Intruding
  • Nicholson, 2007 Wildlife Officials Say Cow Likely Killed By Cougar. Bismark Tribune
  • Nicholson, 2007 Trapped Mountain Lion Killed After Unique Effort to Save It. Bismark Tribune
  • Nicholson, 2007 Trapper; It’s Humans Who are Intruding on Cougars. Bismark Tribune
  • Norman, 2007 Official Says Mountain Lion Sighting Reported Here in November Unconfirmed, Jamestown Sun
  • North Dakota Outdoors, 2007 Big Interest in Mountain Lions of North Dakota
  • Odermann , 2008 Still Learning About the Lions, Dickson Press
  • Rodebaugh , 2006 Living with Lions, Durango Herald
  • Roesler, 2007 Mountain Lion Season Should Be Left Open for Ranchers, Farm & Ranch Guide
  • Thr Forum, 2008 Emotions High Over Cougars
  • Uniter Press International , 2007 Mountain Lion Rumor Shot Down in North Dakota
  • Wetzel , 2005 North Dakota Schedules Cougar Season, Associated Press
  • Wetzel , 2005 North Dakota Schedules Mountain Lion Hunting Season, Associated Press
  • Williston Herald, 2006 Thankful to be Alive After a “Hunt of a Lifetime.”

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