Rugged mountains at sunrise.
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South Dakota determined to kill all the lions they can

Yesterday, at about the same time neighboring Nebraska was deciding not to hunt their limited number of mountain lions, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission was voting to allow hunters the use of hounds to catch and kill the few lions that make it out of the Black Hills hunting district alive.

This action came about as a result of a petition submitted by the South Dakota Houndsman Association and demonstrates once again that despite talk of making wildlife decisions based on the best science, the Commission is only interested in placating hunters and killing lions.

For several years now lion experts (outside the pay of the state game agency) have argued that South Dakota is over-hunting its population and killing off the next generation of lions before it has a chance to breed.

Based on how this year's lion hunt is going only time will tell if there are even enough surviving mountain lions that make it to the prairie for the houndsmen to take advantage of this shameless decision.



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