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Scared Mountain Lion Captured in Salt Lake City Neighborhood

Late Sunday afternoon, several residents spotted a mountain lion wandering about in a Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood. Local police and representatives from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) responded, but despite an intensive 90-minute search were unable to locate the animal.

Then, approximately 30-minutes after the officers had dispersed, another call came in from the same neighborhood stating that the lion was hiding behind a garage.

Police officers along with UDWR officials returned to the scene and attempted to contain the situation while the scared cat tried to flee the area.

According to Salt Lake Police Lt. Carl Merino, "The cat started running all over the neighborhood as we tried to close in on it."

Officers began chasing the lion on foot and shot it with a tranquilizer as it ran away. After losing sight of the animal a second time, a resident spotted the lion heading east and reported that sighting to a passing officer.

After a lengthy search, Salt Lake City police officers eventually located the drugged mountain lion around 9 p.m. asleep in a yard.

"It pretty well consumed our afternoon," Lt. Merino said.

The sleeping lion was removed by members of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, who planned on keeping the mountain lion overnight so its body heat could be regulated and its health monitored for adverse affects from the tranquilizer drug.

Lt. Merino indicated that he did not know where UDWR officials will release the lion Monday but, he said, "Hopefully [it's] way out away from town."

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