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Utah DWR Officials Order the Euthanasia of Captured Lion

Tuesday, officials from the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources euthanized a scared, helpless mountain lion that had taken refuge in a garage in the community of American Fork, Utah.

The lion was first discovered around 12:30 pm by a teenage boy who had entered his family's garage. When confronted by the human, the young mountain lion snarled at the boy and backed further into a dark corner of the garage in a vain attempt to escape. American Fork police officers and a local animal control officer were dispatched to the scene to contain the animal.

When Josee Seamons, a wildlife technician for the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources arrived at the site, he found the young lion cowering under some shelves waiting for the humans to leave and darkness to fall.

"I think it was more scared than the people were," Seamons said. "The kid kind of scared it so it really wasn't going to go anywhere."

Seamons eventfully shot the mountain lion with a tranquilizer dart and removed it from the garage.

Claiming that they had to follow department policies (the Wasatch Front is a "no tolerance zone" for mountain lions) and trying to justify their actions by stating that spotting the lion in the middle of the day was a clear sign of abnormal behavior, officials from the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources ordered the captured lion to be euthanized.



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