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Florida Farmers Paid for Livestock Losses

Florida panthers have apparently maxed out their current habitat. With only a small amount of land available, the cats have no where to go and many are being killed by adult panthers. The cats that survive their first two years, make it through the territories of established males, and dodge speeding cars often wind up in neighborhood backyards. Many residents don't understand why panthers are turning up and they are angry when a free range goat goes missing. Despite increased education about wildlife and inexpensive ways to keep domestic animals safe, many are still unwilling to protect their property and coexist with panthers. A pilot program has just been launched by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida that will pay residents for their livestock losses. Any cattle killed by panthers will get the owner $500 per head, and smaller animals likely hobby goats, sheep, chickens, or pets will be compensated with $250. The program mentions that predator-proof pens can be built for around $500, but it does not appear to require any change in human behavior or steps to prevent future losses.

Does a man who basically baited a panther and lost 8 goats deserve $2,000? What about neighbors who were responsible and paid out of pocket to build pens for their livestock?
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