Woodland stream.

Cougar Family Visits Colorado Backyard

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has seen an increase in reports of mountain lion sightings, which they say is primarily due to more people moving into lion habitat and also the cats following deer (a lion's favorite food) as they migrate down to lower elevations for the winter. Lynn Thomas learned this firsthand when she discovered a mother lion with two kittens taking shelter in her Colorado backyard... or perhaps Lynn was taking shelter in their front yard? As a proud "cat fanatic," Lynn was delighted to see cougar kittens up close but rightfully a bit wary of their protective mother. Her home-video footage shows the two playful kittens curiously exploring her back porch, while the mother lion keeps a watchful eye on Lynn to be sure she won't harm her babies. Since the encounter, CO Division of Wildlife wardens have tranquilized and relocated all three cats farther away from town. Though Lynn probably feels a bit safer now, as someone who loves cats surely she will miss seeing those fluffy kitten faces peek through her sliding door.



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