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Social Networking with the
Mountain Lion Foundation

New to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter?
Don't fret - we will help get you started!

Why Join These Social Sites?

Numerous social networking sites have popped up and gained popularity over the past few years. These websites allow people to share information and communicate instantly.

MLF has joined these communities, and on our (Facebook, Twitter, etc) pages, posts updates about mountain lions in the news, the Foundation's projects, and ways to get involved.  Linking to MLF through one of these social networking mediums can help keep you up to date, it's free, and you can also link with your friends, family, and other groups.  But the other major advantage is YOU can easily communicate back to MLF.

You joined the Mountain Lion Foundation to help protect America's lion.  This is your opportunity to know what's happening with mountain lions on a daily basis and then let us  -  and the rest of the world!  -  know what should be done to save our lions.

We work for you; we want to hear your opinions.


What's it All About?

This site allows users to create personal profiles with pictures, lists of interests, and contact information.  You can send messages, post updates about your life, and receive updates about your friends.  To protect your privacy, you can choose who can see which parts of your profile (for example, maybe you only want certain people to be able to see your photos or email address).

In addition to linking with friends, you can join interest and fan groups.  MLF's fan page includes the latest news updates, lion photos, and allows "fans" to connect with each other by commenting on news articles or posting messages on the fan page.

How Do I Join?

To get started, go to and fill in the section on the right for new users to Sign Up. Create your profile with as detailed or as little information as you'd like.

You can always add or remove content from your page at any time. Use the search bar at the top to find friends or organizations you are interested in.

How Do I Link to MLF?

Once you have signed up with Facebook, go to our fan page.   

Or, you can also find our page by using the search bar in Facebook and typing in "Mountain Lion Foundation"  Then just click on the page with our logo (shown below).

Once you are on the MLF fan page, to become a fan and receive our updates, click the button near the top that says "Become a Fan"  It looks like this:

Now you're all set! Whenever you log into your Facebook account you will see MLF's news updates. You can also visit the fan page any time to post your comments or connect with other members.


What's it All About?

Twitter allows users to send out brief, one-line updates (known as tweets) to their subscribers (or followers).  You can follow as many people and groups as you'd like.  Whenever they tweet a message, it will show up on your Twitter Home page.  You can also have these updates sent to your cell phone or email account if you prefer to receive messages that way.  People who want to know what you are up to will choose to "follow" you on twitter and by doing so, will receive anything you post from your Twitter Home page. 

How Do I Join?

To get started, go to and click the green button on the right to Sign Up Now.

Create your profile by entering your name, a password, and your email address.  You also get to choose a username which can be anything you'd like, as long as another Twitter member hasn't already claimed it.  This is the nickname people will see when you send out tweets or when you begin to follow someone.  Our username is MtnLionFdn.

How Do I Link to MLF?

After you have created your Twitter account, go to MLF's Twitter page.  

Or, you can also find our page by using the search bar on Twitter and typing in "MtnLionFdn"

Unfortunately, Mountain Lion Foundation was too long of a username and if you type our full title in the search bar, the MtnLionFdn page may not show up.

Once you are on the MtnLionFdn page, click the "Follow" button, which looks like this:

Congratulations, you are all set!  Now whenever you log onto your Twitter account, you will see MLF's tweets.  Or, you can always change your settings to receive these same Twitter updates through your email.  Use the "Find People" link at the top to connect with your friends and other organizations.



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