Photo of Stella Lake, Great Basin National Park, Nevada.
Photograph of MLF volunteers being interviewed by America Matters media radio station.

Slice of Nevada Discusses Mountain Lions

A Radio Interview with MLF Staff and Volunteers

In July 2015, MLF was interviewed on America Matters Media's program "Slice of Nevada" to discuss mountain lion issues in the state of Nevada. Featured on this program are MLF associate director Lynn Cullens, our Nevada Volunteer Field Representative Leah Sturgis, Volunteer Honey Tapley, and long time lion activist Don Molde. Listen to the podcast as these lion folks discuss hunting, trapping, ecosystem impacts, and population data.
Listen Now

Listen Now!

Listen to the interview from MLF's guest appearance on Slice of Nevada as we discuss current issues facing the American lion, including hunting, trapping, ecosystem impacts, and population data.

A very special thank you to America Media Matters and Slice of Nevada for allowing us to repost this audio segment.

Wildlife Conservation and Management Funding

05/21/15 Guest Commentary by Mark E. Smith and Donald A. Molde

The authors present a novel approach to help answer the question "Who really pays for wildlife in the U.S?" Their research revealed approximately 94% of total funding for wildlife conservation and management comes from the non-hunting public. A proper understanding and accurate public perception of this funding question is a necessary next step in furthering the current debate as to whether and how much influence the general public should have at the wildlife policy-making level, particularly within state wildlife agencies.

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