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The Travel Show, BBC

Follow the Mountain Lion Foundation's Conservation Specialist Korinna Domingo to the mountains of Los Angeles, California with The Travel Show in search of the wild lions whose lives and habitat are under threat from human activity.

The BBC's travel program brings viewers the best travel journalism from around the world. Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favorite hot spots.

This week's episode takes place in Los Angeles whereStill from BBC Travel Show Video mountain lions share space with over 12 million people. Here, lions face threats including habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, decreased genetic variability, and human-wildlife conflict. And yet they persist.

From local Angelinos to international travelers, people from all around hike the trails in mountainous areas of the City of Angels in hopes of spotting one of these elusive big cats. Whether you are here for Sunset strip and Hollywood tours, Los Angeles' mediterranean climate enables it to be one of the largest birding hotspots and wildlife watching destinations in the country.

Join us in this three-part mountain lion episode with Mountain Lion Foundation, wildlife photographer Johanna Turner from Cougarmagic, and Serena Burnett from Animazonia Wildlife Foundation.

Catch the episode on Friday, April 12th at 7:30 PM PST on the BBC World News Channel. Find your local BBC World News Channel on The Travel Show web page.

"I am honored to be able to talk to a global audience about mountain lions, and address misconceptions of this iconic species." says Domingo. "We are realizing the benefit that apex predators have in our ecosystem, and perceptions and attitudes towards carnivores are shifting. Angelino's realize this - and the cougar has become a symbol of coexistence. But there is a lot more work to be done throughout their range to ensure their continued survival."

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