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American Lion: When is enough... enough?

The Mountain Lion Foundation's Lynn Cullens and Korinna Domingo, meet with Our Wild World's host, Eli Weiss, to talk about the current threats that mountain lions are faced with in a live broadcast set to air on Monday, January 14.

Monday, January 14 at 8AM and 8PM PDT

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Episode Description

"The elusive, solitary and imperiled American Lion: Puma concolor, cougar, panther, ghost cat, is the largest of the small cat species and roamed the full range of the continental United States and Europe, that is until the late 1600's when practically every nation on earth put out a bounty on them. By 1931 the US Congress passes the Animal Damage Control Act, giving the Secretary of Agriculture broad authority to expand "the destruction of mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, bobcats, prairie dogs, gophers, ground squirrels, jackrabbits, and other animals injurious to agriculture, horticulture, forestry, husbandry, game, or domestic animals, or that carried disease." The program was only dismantled after cougars could no longer be found. Although they are still hunted today, the mountain exists because it is so good at hiding from us.

With our guests Lynn Cullen and Korinna Domingo of the Mountain Lion Foundation, we discuss the current threats facing this enigmatic cat of many names."

Can't listen to the podcast on Monday? Don't fret! It will be available for streaming on Tuesday, January 15 on Voice America's website and on iTunes.

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