Sunrise over farm in Texas Hill Country.
  Photo Courtesy of:
  Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits
Photo of landsacape.


Texas allows year round unlimited mountain lion take.

There are several mountain lion research projects, run by a variety of organizations within the state of Texas.

If we have overlooked any research projects, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know so we can rectify the situation.

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Texas Lion Science

The Borderlands Research Institute for Natural Resource Management

The Borderlands Research Institute was founded in 2007, in collaboration with private landowners Sul Ross State University, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and various other non-governmental organizations. Seeking to promote natural resource conservation within the boundaries of the Chihuahuan Desert Borderlands, the BRI implements three main strategies:

  • Scientists conduct research to provide land managers current and relevant data, encouraging informed management decisions in favor of natural resource. Research interests include a broad range of topics such as habitat restoration, wildlife corridor identification, exotic and invasive species management, and harvesting strategies for game species within the Chihuahuan Desert borderlands.
  • Undergraduate and graduate level students at Sul Ross State University actively contribute to these research projects. This allows BRI to educate students, training future generations to confidently tackle important conservation and management issues.
  • Various outreach methods are implemented for communicating pertinent information to private landowners in the area. BRI offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and publications to land managers, which aim to communicate relevant information and presenting practical management solutions, encouraging natural resource conservation.

The Feline Research Program, Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute

The Feline Research Program is one of several programs funded by the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, a small non-profit organization hailing from Kingsville campus of Texas A&M University, which has been conducting research for over 35 years. Scientists in this program conduct ecological, behavioral, and genetic research on Felids across southern Texas and around the world in hopes to promote conservation efforts and encourage wild population recoveries. They have conducted many long-term studies, predicting population estimates and structures, providing habitat models, and determining genetic trends of mountain lions all across Texas.