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South Dakota's Magically Replicating Lions

In Walt Disney's animated classic, Fantasia, poor, befuddled Mickey uses his boss's magic wand to conjure a self-replicating charm which creates a veritable army of enchanted brooms. It now appears that the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks have produced their own version of "Fantasia" when it comes to estimating the number of mountain lions which live within the state.

Just . . .


Twisting Science

Seven years ago, the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks (SDGF&P) presented the world with their version of a mountain lion management plan. In that plan was the proposal for an "experimental" mountain lion hunting season. They justified this action as "just another step in the evolution of responsible mountain lion management," and because it "would communicate to some people that . . .


Ignorance or Conspiracy?

Recently a small town newspaper in Mendocino County (California) published a personal rant by their "sports columnist" against the citizen-placed ballot initiative, Proposition 117, which voters passed twenty years ago this month.

In his article the author, who passes himself off as "someone in the know," misstates just about everything there is to know about mountain lions in general, . . .


Wyoming Makes Mountain Lions the Scapegoats Again!

Tomorrow (June 22nd) is the final day the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) is accepting written comments on their proposed 2010-11 Mountain Lion Hunting Regulations. Unfortunately, the new regulations are a misguided attempt to placate a small, but vocal, special interest group (deer hunters), and have no chance of achieving their attended goal.

It appears that, like in most of . . .


California's Proposition 117 - Twenty Years Later

Twenty years ago, California voters passed Proposition 117--the Mountain Lion Initiative. Also known as the "People's Initiative" because it was the first statewide initiative in California to qualify for the ballot strictly through the efforts of unpaid volunteers, Proposition 117:

* Changed the classification of mountain lions in California from game mammals to "Specially Protected . . .


Fear Factor

Several news reports came out of Wisconsin last week about the presence of a cougar in that state. Unfortunately, this "verified" sighting--only the fourth since the species was extirpated in 1908--came with a slight twist. The cougar in question also reportedly attacked and injured a one-year-old heifer calf. This incident, the first of its kind in Wisconsin in over a hundred years, now raises . . .


Is Nothing Sacred in South Dakota?

The South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department (SDGF&P) recently held a series of public meetings to assist in developing that state's upcoming mountain lion hunting plan. In addition, "input" cards were freely distributed at each of the meetings to anyone who wanted to comment.

One of the issues under discussion was whether or not to allow the hunting of mountain lions for recreational . . .



Sometimes the choices one makes can have far reaching ramifications. This has never been truer than with what happened a few weeks ago to a young mountain lion mother and her two "teenage" cubs in South Dakota.

Apparently the mother lion and her two cubs denned up for a short time near a typically large-acreage suburban/rural style housing development. This particular spot would have . . .


Those Who Cannot Remember the Past

It seems that members of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission are unfamiliar with the old saying "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Just twelve years ago, angry hunters appeared before the Commission to complain about too many lions being killed. They demanded the quota be drastically cut so there would be something left for them to hunt in the . . .


Just Saying it, Doesn't Make it True

Hunters enjoy using their mantra about being the "true" conservationists. This statement, which clearly demonstrates a divisive us vs. them attitude, keeps showing up in news statements, interviews and hunter blogs. It is something they tell themselves over and over again as if saying it often enough will make the statement true. But that won't happen!

Hunters, as a group, are no more, . . .


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