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Exposing the Selectivity Myth of Hound-Hunting Lions

Hound-hunting involves using a pack of far-ranging, radio-collared dogs to chase a luckless lion for miles until finally, exhausted and scared, it instinctively seeks safety up a tree. Later (sometimes days), a "sportsman" will arrive at the scene and shoot the terrified animal until it falls out of the tree. The hunting of lions with hounds is considered by many to be a cruel and inhumane . . .


What is the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks Hiding?

While most state game agencies have a tendency to hold information close to their chests, SDGF&P seems to have reached new heights in the art of bureaucratic "disclosure/nondisclosure." For example, in the Department's recent proposal to raise the annual lion hunting quota by 20 percent it cited "current research results and population modeling" as their justification for this egregious action. . . .


Hammering the Final Nail in Washington's I-655 Coffin

In 1996, Washington voters overwhelmingly passed Initiative-655 to ban the inhumane practice of hunting cougars with hounds. So as to not place the citizenry at undo risk, I-655 also included a "public safety" clause. This provision allowed the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFG) to utilize hounds to track and kill those individual cougars which posed a threat to the public's safety . . .


HB 3636 - Oregon's Legislative Sleight of Hand Cheats Residents Once Again

Last week, the Oregon legislature passed HB 3636 which is now awaiting the Governor's signature. At first glance the bill didn't look too onerous. It required that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife provide an option on all hunting related applications for voluntary contributions in support of county predatory animal control programs. It even allowed the Department to recover some of the . . .


Stop the Killing - NOW!

Never before in the history of our country have mountain lions been more heavily persecuted. Even at its worst, far fewer lions were killed and turned in for a bounty each year than are now being killed in the name of "recreational fun," or because some won't feel safe until every last lion has been killed.

For many years, MLF and other main-stream conservation leaders have called for . . .


South Dakota's Silent Protest

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission recently received the startling news that 19 of the 220 applicants for their "special" lottery of Custer State Park mountain lion hunting tags may not have been lion-hunters after all. In fact, an analysis of the applicants conducted by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department (SDGF&PD) led some officials there to surmise that anti-lion . . .


High Handed Tactics

Four days from now, the South Dakota 2011 Mountain Lion Hunting Season will open. Cloaked in the false mantle of "sustainability" this year's annual slaughter could be the highest ever and will, in our judgment, put South Dakota's mountain lion population at risk of extirpation--AGAIN!

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department refuses to accept that their latest mountain lion . . .


Hard to Believe

There is an e-mail story circulating the Net about a Montana couple being saved from a mountain lion attack by their mule. The story "1 Bad Ass" and the accompanying graphic photographs of the mule fighting and killing the lion are supposed to convey to the gullible public a sense that: 1) mountain lions are dangerous and attack people; and 2) mountain lions (the obvious bad guys in this fairy . . .


Give Them an Inch . . . .

A hundred years ago the California State Legislature established the first of sixteen State Game Refuges. Scattered across the state, these Refuges--set-up as game-animal (deer) breeding centers protected by no-hunting, no-firearm laws--now encompass 1,100 square miles of habitat and provide safe havens for a wide range of California's wildlife.

Citing an impediment to law enforcement . . .


Nevada's Wildlife Range War is Heating Up

There is a small range war waging over the fate of mountain lions in Nevada. The two feuding parties--The Nevada Department of Wildlife(NDOW), and the Commission which oversees them--are fighting over a very unlikely issue--how many mountain lions to kill.

It started when influential, special interest hunting groups petitioned the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission to protect Nevada's . . .


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