Woodland stream.

House cats teach us about Mountain Lions

A free Summer Speaker program at the Lake Oroville's Visitor Center will focus on how house cats can teach us more about Mountain Lion behavior.

"Many of us are moving into the picturesque wooded hills and mountainous country side and into the habitat of the Mountain Lion, so encounters with this majestic mammal are likely to increase," said a news release from the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

"Our safety depends upon recognizing potentially threatening cat behavior and responding in an appropriate way to protect ourselves. Fortunately, our common house cat can teach us what we need to know," the news release said.

This intriguing theme "Your housecat teaches you about Mountain Lions," is the topic of a free Summer Speaker Program on Wednesday, July 18 at 7 p.m. at the Lake Oroville Visitor Center at 917 Kelly Ridge Road above the Oroville Dam.

Speaker Mike Hubbartt, State Parks Interpreter at the Visitor Center involves youngsters in the program to act out house cat behaviors to make these lessons meaningful for all ages.

The Lake Oroville Visitor Center is east of the Oroville in the foothills off Olive Highway at the end of Kelly Ridge road.

The Center stays open late for these programs and visitors are invited to bring picnic dinners and enjoy the natural ambiance of the park on the shaded patio before the program.

These events are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you need specific accommodations or want more information, call: 530-538-2219.



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