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Colorado's March 2016 Commission Meeting

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission — the entity that oversees the State's wildlife agency — is holding its monthly meeting March 9-10, 2016 at Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Hunter Education Building in Denver.

While many of the issues being considered could indirectly impact mountain lions, topics of interest directly related to the species include agenda items:

  • 3. Principles and Ethics of Fair Chase - mountain lion trapping is not permitted in Colorado, but hunters may use a pack of up to 8 dogs to track, chase and tree lions so they can be shot out of a tree at close range.

  • 15. Big Game - Open for consideration of any necessary corrections or administrative clean-ups to regulations previously adopted by the Parks and Wildlife Commission for the 2016 big game seasons, including, but not limited to, game management unit boundaries, season dates, limited license areas and manner of take provisions for bighorn sheep, mountain goat, deer, elk, pronghorn, moose, bear and mountain lion, and regulations otherwise necessary for implementation of the 2016 big game seasons.

  • 32.(a) Game Damage Claims - approval of $21,017.65 and $62,045.51 for sheep lost to bear and mountain lion.

You can view all the agenda items and listen live to the meeting here:

If you live in the Denver area, please consider attending in person:
CPW Hunter Education Building
6060 Broadway
Denver CO 80216

Mountain lions don't stay within state borders, so no matter where you live, Colorado's policies impact YOUR mountain lions. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and join our mailing list to learn more about the issues and how to have your voice heard at state commission meetings and in the Legislature.



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