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Lion Protection Bill Heads to Committee

The bill to stop mountain lion hunting in Nebraska (LB 961) was heard by the Legislature's Natural Resources Committee on Thursday, February 25. It was not voted on and remains stuck in this committee.

We need lots of help in just a little bit of time! Please contact the committee members (email addresses and phone numbers below), and urge them to vote in favor of Legislative Bill 961.

Introduced by Senator Ernie Chambers, LB 961 is a third attempt at critical legislation to prohibit mountain lion sport hunting in Nebraska.

Last year's version of this bill was killed by the same committee, and Chairperson Senator Ken Schilz commented Nebraska Game and Parks Commission needs to be able to use hunting as a tool to control wildlife. Other committee members said that if the legislature banned the hunting of mountain lions, they may be pressured to outlaw the hunting of other species in the future.

"There is no need or justification whatsoever to hunt these animals," Senator Chambers has remarked about mountain lions. "It's cruelty. It's barbaric. I will do what I can to stop it."

To help LB 961 pass through the Natural Resources Committee, the public needs to speak up in support of mountain lion protection. There are very few lions in small regions of Nebraska and the species could easily be wiped out before ever fully reestablishing a population in the state.

If you don't want to see another lion killed for fun in Nebraska, please take a moment to share your perspective.
MLF's letter.

Contact the Nebraska Natural Resources Committee:

Sen. Ken Schilz, Chairperson - kschilz@leg.ne.gov - (402) 471-2616
Sen. Curt Friesen - cfriesen@leg.ne.gov - (402) 471-2630
Sen. Dan Hughes - dhughes@leg.ne.gov - (402) 471-2805
Sen. Jerry Johnson - jjohnson@leg.ne.gov - (402) 471-2719
Sen. Rick Kolowski - rkolowski@leg.ne.gov - (402) 471-2327
Sen. Brett Lindstrom - blindstrom@leg.ne.gov - (402) 471-2618
Sen. John McCollister - jmccollister@leg.ne.gov - (402) 471-2622
Sen. David Schnoor - dschnoor@leg.ne.gov - (402) 471-2625

What to Say:

Dear Natural Resources Committee,
I am writing to you today in support of LB 961. Please include my letter in the official record.

  • Sport hunting is a terrible way to manage mountain lion populations.

  • Nebraska's mountain lion population is far too small to withstand a hunting season.

  • Over hunting eliminated the mountain lion from Nebraska a hundred years ago. We must learn from this mistake and protect the returning cats.

  • Sport hunting could trigger conditions that lead to more conflicts between the lions, livestock and people.

  • The majority of residents in Nebraska want a healthy mountain lion population and the best way to achieve this is by stopping the hunt and passing LB 961.

Please also cc us on your emails (info@mountainlion.org) or send a quick note to let us know you telephoned the committee members.

Thank you so much. Together, we can protect America's lion.



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