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Lion Cub Captured in San Dimas

A few lucky residents in the city of San Dimas (Los Angeles County) experienced a rare sighting of a mountain lion cub on Sunday night.

Around 7:30 p.m. a patrol deputy spotted the young cat and called for backup. It took about an hour of following the animal until officers were able to corner him in a parking lot near a bowling alley.

The lion was captured in a large fishing-type net, and then secured with a catch pole. The feisty kitten was then loaded into an animal control vehicle and taken to a shelter for the night. It appeared no tranquilizer drugs were needed, which simplified the procedures and personnel required to capture the cat. California Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists will monitor and evaluate the cub before deciding what to do next.
Photo of lion mouth open in net being carried.
San Dimas is located at the base of a mountain range and contains canyons, regional parks and golf courses — areas that attract deer and potentially lions from Angeles National Forest.

The rescued cub appears to be approximately five months old; far too young to survive in the wild on its own. Mother lions frequently stash their cubs while they hunt. But with roadkill, rodenticide poisoning, depredation kills, and poaching on the rise, unfortunately lion kittens sometimes find themselves orphaned.

It is unknown what happened to this lion's mother and siblings. A veterinary exam may provide additional information on the cub's age and health. Most likely he will be taken in by a sanctuary or zoo.

A mountain lion was seen wandering around a San Dimas neighborhood before it was captured Sunday night. Video from abc7



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