Woodland stream.

SoCal Mountain lion climbs 35-foot tall power-line pole

The accompanying photo was taken by Lucerne Valley Daily Press Staff Writer Peter Day

Late yesterday afternoon, drivers on a rural highway, just outside the Southern California community of Lucerne Valley, experienced a rare sight - a mountain lion sitting atop a 35-foot high wooden power-line pole.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) wardens who were on site monitoring the situation, the animal apparently was frightened by some type of human activity and sought safety in the heights above.

In an effort to coax the lion down from his lethal perch, the wardens were asking passersby to continue onward and not stop to view the unusual spectacle.

However, the lion apparently didn't feel safe enough to return to the earth before darkness fell.

As of this time, CDFW has not yet released word on the mountain lion's fate.

Photo of lion on power-line pole



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