Woodland stream.

Utah authorities make the right call and catch rather than kill a wayward lion

Responding to a 911 call, Pleasant Grove Police officers discovered a mountain lion sitting in a tree last Friday morning. Apparently a dog from one of the nearby residences had scared the 2-year dispersing male lion up onto his precarious perch.

Deciding that the lion was too close to a popular hiking trail to just be left alone, officers from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources were called to assist.

After being shot with a tranquilizer dart, the young lion leap from the tree and tried to hide in an open garage about a block away. Officers quickly closed the garage door trapping the lion inside. A second tranquilizer dart was then used to subdue the animal.

After waiting to make sure that the animal was alright, the lion was released back into the wild away from human development.

Photo courtesy of the Pleasant Grove Police Department.



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