Woodland stream.

An Iowan's fight to protect mountain lions is thwarted by obstinate legislator

Shane Griffin's quest to protect Iowa's fledgling mountain lion population ran head on into the hard inflexible opinion of Iowa State Representative Clel Baudler today when House File 117, "an Act prohibiting the hunting or taking of cougars" failed on a 2-to-1 vote.

Baulder, who chairs the 3-member subcommittee of a larger 21-member House Natural Resources Committee had pretty much made up his mind about how Iowa's mountain lions should be treated long before the bill, HF 117, was even heard.

In an interview last week, Representative Baulder was dismissive of the safety advice posted by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and boasted that he didn't expect Griffin''s bill to move past his subcommittee.

"I don't want them to get established," Baudler said.

Now it appears that Representative Baulder will have his way and Iowa's few mountain lions will continue to face what constitutes a shoot-on-sight order as they try to reestablish the species in that state.



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