Woodland stream.

2nd round for Nebraska's Mountain Lions: Senator Chambers is still in the fight!

Last Friday, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers made good on his promise and introduced legislation (LB127) removing the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission's (NGPC) authority to issue hunting licenses for mountain lions this year.

Similar legislation was introduced by Senator Chambers last year, but could not override Governor Heineman's veto.

The question now is whether the NGPC will acknowledge the pending legislation by holding off on authorizing a second year of lion hunting at their January 15th meeting, or decide to quickly ram through a 2nd hunting season in the hopes that it will fulfill its quota before LB127 can pass and be signed into law.

And even if LB127 successfully becomes law and the Commission doesn't issue lion hunting tags in 2015, the threat to Nebraska's lions is far from over. Mountain lions are still classified as game animals in Nebraska and the NGPC has stated that it's their responsibility to allow "some appropriate level of hunting along the way."

So until Nebraska's mountain lions are protected under a different classification the question of whether or not they are hunted is sure to come up again sometime in the near future.



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