Woodland stream.

Kentucky game wardens kill 1st mountain lion to return since before the Civil War

Late yesterday afternoon, a woman walking her dog on her farm in northern Bourbon County, Kentucky spotted a mountain lion. The dog immediately took off and chased the lion up a nearby tree.

Officers from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) were dispatched and eventually arrived on the scene where they shot and killed the first known mountain lion to return to Kentucky since before the Civil War.

Afterwards, the Department issued the following statement.

" Monday evening KDFWR officers responded to confirmed sighting of mountain lion in northern Bourbon Co. Officers found & dispatched the animal. KDFWR Wildlife Veterinarian and Wildlife Biologists will conduct necropsy. An investigation is underway."

At this time, KDFWR has provided no explanation for taking this lethal action.

Photo of KDFWR officers with dead lion in the back of truck.

Watch local WKYT's news coverage:



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