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Another Lion Dies in Nebraska - When Will the Killing End?

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission announced that an 89-pound female mountain lion was killed by a hunter yesterday in Dakota County. This is the second mountain lion killed during Nebraska's inaugural lion hunt in the Prairie Unit Hunting Area. This hunting region includes almost all of the State and has a year-round, unlimited lion hunting season.

The death of this mountain lion brings the total killed in Nebraska to 13 for the year, with 5 of those mortalities being females.

Prior to the start of this year's lion hunting season, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission estimated that Nebraska might have as many as 22 mountain lions.

At this time, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has not decided as to whether or not there will be a 2015 mountain lion hunting season.

State Senator Ernie Chambers has vowed to introduce legislation to remove the Commission's authority to authorize a lion hunt when the state legislature returns in January. He introduced a similar bill early this year, but it was vetoed by the Governor.



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