Woodland stream.

Nebraskans Kill Another Female Mountain Lion

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission reported that another mountain lion was shot and killed last Friday just south of the rural community of Chadron, Nebraska.

The young, female lion, estimated to be approximately 18-months old and weighing 63 lbs. was killed by a rancher who saw her hanging out near his chicken coop.

Even though Nebraska's mountain lion hunting season is over for that area of the state, the rancher was not cited because he was supposedly protecting his property.

At 18-months, the young lion might have been an orphan, or just recently left her mother. Still perfecting her hunting skills, chickens are an easy meal for a young lion and may have attracted her to the area. Or, she merely may have been passing through and was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Under Nebraska state law, farmers and ranchers do not have to take any preventative measures to protect their animals, and may kill a mountain lion at any time if they believe the cat is stalking livestock.

This is the 12th mountain lion, and the 4th female to be killed in Nebraska so far this year from an estimated population of only 22 lions.



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