Woodland stream.

Confirmed Lion Sighting in Northern Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) announced that it has confirmed two mountain lion sightings taken from trail camera photographs in Lincoln and Marinette counties.

Coupled with the lion sighting in Bayfield County last January this makes the third confirmed report of mountain lions in the state of Wisconsin during 2014.

According to David MacFarland, a wildlife biologist with the WDNR, since the two sightings were in a straight line, and only ninety miles apart, chances are they were of the same lion.

During 2013, the WDNR received 240 reports of mountain lion sightings. Eight of those reports were listed as probable and three (in Bayfield, Sawyer and Florence counties) were confirmed as verified sightings.

In 2008, a wave of sightings (which turned out to be the result of one lion) marked the first recorded lion sighting in Wisconsin since 1910 when that state's last indigenous mountain lion was reported killed.

Photo of lion walking in grass.

Photo Courtesy WI Department of Natural Resources. The Department of Natural Resources has confirmed the sighting of a cougar in Lincoln County. A trail camera on private land captured this image on July 30, and the property's absentee owner first discovered the image September 5.



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