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Mountain lion removed from Rosamond backyard

The following story is a repost from the Antelope Valley Times in Southern California.

ROSAMOND — A mountain lion spotted in a Rosamond backyard Friday morning was safely removed by state wildlife officers and returned to suitable habitat, authorities said.

Around 9:30 a.m., the California Department of Fish and Wildlife received a call about a mountain lion near a home on Birch Street, according to Public Information Officer Andrew Hughan.
Photo of sedated mountain lion in Rosamond, CA.
"Our dispatch center contacted a warden in the Palmdale/Lancaster area. They went up, and in the backyard of the house, up in a pine tree, there was a mountain lion," Hughan said.

"They put a tranquilizer dart into her and secured her."

Hughan said the two-year-old female weighs about 80 pounds and is in pretty good condition.

"They gave her a quick check up, put her in the back of the truck and returned her to suitable habitat," he said.

"The warden thinks that it came out of the Tehachapi Mountains or maybe Tejon Ranch, which would be the nearest suitable habitat for a lion," Hughan continued.

"It's a little unusual, but not unprecedented at all."



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