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Camper Reports Seeing Mountain Lion, But 'It Was Just A Raccoon'

This story by Daymond Steer was reposted from The Conway Daily Sun

TAMWORTH, NH — A camper's 9-1-1 call about a wild critter outside his tent was apparently greatly exaggerated.

On Tuesday, June 24th, the Carroll County sheriff's office sent out an update on its Facebook page saying that Tamworth police were responding to a White Lake State Park camper who reported seeing a mountain lion. Underneath, in the comments, the sheriff's office explained what happened once the officer arrived.

"PD reports the mountain lion/'raccoon' has been chased off," wrote the sheriff's dispatcher.

"Proper food storage for camping has been explained and a warning for a firearm in a state park was issued."

The update caused one reader to question what mountain lion/raccoon meant.

"I'm guessing that was the officer's way of saying there was no mountain lion, it was just a raccoon," the sheriff's office replied.

Another commenter said the witness should be given pictures of both animals for identification.

Tamworth Police Sgt. Penny Colby said officer Dana Littlefield responded to the call and determined that in fact the creature in question was a raccoon.

"Honestly, I don't know how he mistook it," said Colby about the camper.



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