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Another Utah Lion Tranquilized - UDWR Lets This One Live - Maybe

In a strange case of deja-vu, the second mountain lion in just 11 days wandered into another Utah "Front Range" community where it was tranquilized and captured by officers of the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources (UDWR). The only difference is this time, they let the lion live.

The mountain lion was first sighted just before 8:00 am in the downtown area of Sandy, Utah. Responding police officers spotted the lion ambling across 9400 South towards the Ruby River Steakhouse where it tried to find shelter.

A short while later the lion leaped from its hidey-hole and tried to run away when it became alarmed over the gathering police officers and spectators. A police officer fired a shot at it as it ran away, but missed.

As it left the Mall area, the lion ran east and onto the TRAX light rail lines near 9100 South and 150 East before hiding under some bushes once again.

Just before 10:00, police and UDWR officers were able to close in on the lion and shoot it with a tranquilizer dart.

Sandy Police Sgt. Dean Carriger said the female mountain lion was in good condition and after being checked out by UDWR, the animal was to be released back into the wild.

If so, this will be a very different outcome from the June 17th incident in the nearby community of American Fork, where a young, male mountain lion found hiding in a garage was tranquilized and captured by UDWR officers. That lion was later euthanized because it was captured in a "zero tolerance" zone, and supposedly acting abnormally because it was seen by humans in the daytime.



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