Woodland stream.

Chambers' Fight to End Nebraska Lion Hunt Not Yet Over!

Unwilling to accept the betrayal of two state Senators that thwarted his attempt to override Governor Heineman's veto, Senator Ernie Chambers proved once again that he was a bare knuckles kind of political fighter and added scores of amendments to at least 11 pending bills, including some that would replace their language with his mountain lion hunting ban.

With yesterday being the 56th day of the 60-day session, Nebraska lawmakers are facing a backlog of bills and little time to waste.

"Give me my lions and you will be rid of me," said Senator Chambers. "Time is on my side. Yes it is. We are now at the point in the session where everything is compressed into a very small amount of time. I can take the rest of this session if I want to. I have been treated in a way that has been very shabby."

One way or another, Friday will prove who has the most resolve amongst Nebraska lawmakers—a man of principle, or flunkies of special interest hunting groups.



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