Woodland stream.

Nebraska Lion Hunt To Stay - For Now

Today, in a 24-21 vote, Nebraska state legislators failed to override the Governor Heineman's veto of Legislative Bill 671. LB 671, sponsored by Senator Ernie Chambers (D-Omaha) would have overturned a 2012 law authorizing the recreational hunting of Nebraska's mountain lions.

During the fight to pass LB 671, Senator Chambers repeatedly voiced the opinion of many in the scientific community that the fewer than two-dozen mountain lions currently residing in the state pose no real threat to humans.

Unfortunately the fear of LB 671 being just the first step in restricting a Nebraskan's right to shoot animals for fun overrode reasonable wildlife management practices.

To learn more, visit MLF's Mountain Lions in Nebraska page or review our LB 671 Action Alert.

The fight is far from over. Donate to our special Midwestern Mountain Lion Defense Fund to help us continue mountain lion conservation programs in Nebraska.



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