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South Dakota's Senate Kills HB 1068 - Using Hounds to Hunt Mountain Lions Fails

An attempt by South Dakota Hound-Hunters to codify their right to use hounds to hunt mountain lions outside of the Black Hills failed Thursday when State Senators voted 18-14 to kill House Bill 1068.

The bill, which had already passed the South Dakota House of Representatives by a vote of 48-22 and was approved earlier 6-2 by the Senate Ag & Natural Resources Committee,looked like it was steamrolling its way to victory, before this surprising vote put an end to a small, but vocal special interest group's dreams.

Voicing expressions of dumbfounded disbelief, and cries of foul play, proponents of HB 1068 will have to accept that the use of hounds to hunt mountain lions in South Dakota will not be protected by state law and is currently only allowed under limited conditions set by the will of the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission; an administrative decision which could change at anytime in the future.



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