Woodland stream.

Senator Chambers Tries to Stop Nebraska's Lion Hunt

Fulfilling his promise to try and save Nebraska's mountain lions, State Senator Ernie Chambers has introduced Legislative Bill 671 to repeal the hunting of mountain lions in his state.

Unconvinced by the so-called "fears" expressed by some Nebraska farmers and ranchers, Senator Chambers declared that the hunt approved last year by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission was uncivilized savagery and "certainly not hunting."

LB 671 would not only repeal the 2012 legislation (LB 928) that authorizes the Commission to hold a lion hunt, it also would repeal an existing law that allows the immediate killing of a mountain lion that is threatening livestock or people.

Senator Chambers said Wednesday that in addition to this new legislation he will also oppose any new bills aimed at helping Game and Parks and will even go after the Department's budget if LB 671 fails to pass and the hunt is allowed to continue.

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