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Buellton Kitten Incident is First "Official" Use of SB 132

Just days after California Senate Bill 132 became law (Fish & Game Code 4801.5) the California Department of Fish and Wildlife became involved in just the type of lion/human conflict situation for which the law was written.

Similar to the incident which sparked the creation of SB 132 a year ago, citizen reports of a lion sighting in Buellton, originally misjudged the age and size of the wayward lion with first reports to Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department placing the animal as an adult lion weighing approximately 90-pounds.

Photo of lion cub in bushes.Sheriff Deputies eventually found what turned out to be a 15-pound lion kitten hiding in the backyard bushes of a Buellton residence. They contained the situation and personnel from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife arrived on scene to tranquilize and remove the lion kitten.

The final disposition of this lion has not yet been decided, but it has been conjectured that the animal may be orphaned and too young to survive on its own if returned to the wild.

As of January 6, the cub is reported to be at a wildlife care facility in the Los Angeles area for examination and temporary housing until CDFW can determine a long-term solution.



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