Woodland stream.

Senate Bill 132 passes the California Assembly

Twenty-three years ago, Proposition 117, the California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990, was groundbreaking in its protection of mountain lions. Now, California Senate Bill 132 utilizes the scientific knowledge gained over the years to continue the tradition of this landmark legislation.

SB 132 delineates exactly what "imminent threat to public health and safety" means, and for those incidents which are not deemed life threatening, SB 132 would require CDFW to utilize non-lethal procedures when dealing with mountain lions that come into contact with humans. SB 132 also authorizes CDFW to partner with those qualified individuals and NGOs that might be able to assist the Department in carrying out its new "non-lethal" duties.

More information about Senate Bill 132, its history and status can be found here.

Senate Bill 132 is expected to appear on the Senate floor for a concurrence vote on Thursday, August 22nd.



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