Woodland stream.

Arizona Game Officials Investigate the Poaching of a Mountain Lion

The carcass of a mountain lion found near a Colossal Cave Park campground site has prompted the Arizona Department of Game and Fish to consider the incident as a case of illegal poaching.

Department officials report that they have physical evidence, solid leads and persons of interest in the case. They also state that the person or persons responsible for the poaching did not have justified cause, and that the mountain lion was not believed to have been aggressive.

Those responsible for the killing could face multiple charges.

Do you know the contact information for your state's tip line to report poaching or any other suspicious activities? Click here to look up your state's tip line to turn in poachers.

July 16th Update

KVOA Tucson news has reported that three people have been cited in this case: two for poaching and one for making false statements to law enforcement.

All charges are misdemeanors and the cited individuals could pay fines up to fifteen hundred dollars.



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