Woodland stream.

Small Successes: When We Need Real Change!

On May 23, 2012 members of the California Department of Fish and Game Commission discussed changing the manner in which they elect a Commission President.

Many Mountain Lion Foundation members and supporters hoped to see the lion-killing Dan Richards removed from office. Short of that, we hoped that he would step down from the Presidency, and a new leader elected at this meeting.

Unfortunately, the Commission voted only to change the election process from succession (longest serving member automatically gets the presidency) to a true election where the commission members can vote in a president. The only commissioner to vote against the new process was Richards himself.

Technically the Commission may now elect a new president, but the odds appear to be in favor of letting Richards serve out his term through January, and then to elect his successor at that time. Click here to watch this portion of the commission meeting.

Video excerpt of commission hearing reposted with permission from AGP Video, Inc. Click here to watch the entire Commission meeting on the CAL-SPAN.org website.



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