Woodland stream.

Rescued Panther Kitten to be Released

A rescued Florida panther kitten may get a second chance at a life in the wild. The scrawny orphaned kitten who was found "on death's door" by field researchers back in October has been rehabilitated at White Oak Plantation in Yulee. Experts have been challenged with the task of teaching the kitten how to be a big panther and sit atop the food-chain. He is just about ready and is expected to be released at the end of summer near his birth site. Only four other panthers have been rehabilitated in captivity and released. Three were females and reportedly did well in the wild. The one male however, was killed within weeks by a resident adult male. With little available panther habitat, the odds of coming across an established male are high. Everyone is hopeful this guy will make it. Unfortunately, with the government unwilling to protect panther habitat or draft a species recovery plan, panther mortality rates are not predicted to fall any time soon.



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