Woodland stream.

Petition Filed to Reintroduce Florida Panthers into Georgia

Conservation groups have filed a petition with the Department of the Interior and US Fish & Wildlife Service asking the government to finally take action and help the endangered Florida panther recover. The species' small and only population is currently confined to the southwest corner of Florida, surrounded by roads and development. Without more habitat, extinction is only a matter of time. The petition requests that through relocation, another population of panthers be established in Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, as well as in parts of northern Florida. Not only will this action save the panther, it will benefit the entire ecosystem in the range. Having a top carnivore is crucial to a healthy, stable, and diverse landscape. So far the government has failed to take any action to help the Florida panther return to its historic range, or develop a recovery plan -- as the species is entitled to under our country's Endangered Species Act. Hopefully this petition will finally get the ball rolling.



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