Woodland stream.

Environmental Community Mourns Loss of Richard Goldman

Richard N. Goldman, a beloved philanthropist who was dedicated to environmental conservation and making the world a better place, passed away this week in his San Francisco home at the age of 90. Goldman, along with his wife Rhoda, created the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund nearly sixty years ago and since that time have given away more than $680 million to support grassroots environmental activism. In addition, through what has been called the equivalent of a "green Nobel Prize," every year the Fund awards $150,000 each to six individuals from all over the world who go above and beyond standard activism, often putting themselves in danger, to protect local ecosystems.

Goldman's grandchildren will continue to run the Goldman Fund, but its creator will be deeply missed... especially here in California. Famous actor and MLF honorary board member Robert Redford said in a statement that Goldman "was among the first of a new breed -- wealthy entrepreneurs who engage in social responsibility. Richard's commitment to social justice as it relates to the environment was passionate, committed and, more importantly, successful."

The Mountain Lion Foundation in particular is truly grateful to Richard Goldman, and his Foundation's commitment to environmental causes. Thanks to assistance from the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund in 2002, MLF was able to implement its Living with Lions program which has reduced the number of mountain lions killed in California for depredating on pets and livestock, and taught countless residents how to coexist with wildlife.



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