Woodland stream.

Wildlife Joins Santa at the Mall

Shoppers making their rounds at the Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines, IA, are in for a wild surprise this holiday season. The Pella Wildlife Company has created a temporary wildlife education exhibit in the mall and is featuring wolf pups and a cougar kitten. Although several wildlife activist organizations do not support this type of publicity because they feel it encourages illegal exotic pet trade (often ending in animal cruelty), through this exhibit PWC hopes that seeing the animals up close will inspire visitors to protect what's left of America's wild carnivore species. Donations to the organization will also be used to purchase land for their new 188-acre nature preserve. Opinions on captivity aside, in Iowa -- where the state's very last native mountain lion was killed in 1867 -- this may be many residents' only chance to ever see a lion up close.



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