Woodland stream.

California Game Refuges in Jeopardy

The California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) is planning to close State Game Refuges. These lands encompass approximately one million acres of habitat and provide safe havens for wildlife. Closing the refuges would mean opening them to hunting. CDFG claims these areas were only protected to help deer herds multiply, and since deer numbers are not as high as hunters would like, the refuges must not be working and are useless. CDFG has also failed to show any proof or scientific research that verifies the refuges do not help deer herds. In addition, these lands are also home to hundreds of other species of wildlife that benefit from not being over-exploited by recreational hunters. Many argue that California's Game Refuges have become more than just deer nurseries and should continue to be protected -- even expanded. More than 99.5% of Californians do not hunt deer, and perhaps game refuges should be reclassified as State "Wildlife" Refuges to permanently ban any hunting.

For more information, read "Why You Should Oppose the Closure of California's State Game Refuges" by Marilyn Jasper, head of the Sierra Club Placer Group. Then submit your comments to CDFG at http://bit.ly/CDFGSurvey and via email to wildlifestrategy@dfg.ca.gov



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