Woodland stream.

Mississippi Panther Actually Just a Coyote

Last week, residents in a Mississippi neighborhood and even some local wildlife officials were convinced a Florida panther was roaming through backyards (read previous article). After a pet dog was attacked, the hunt was on to catch whatever animal was responsible... apparently even if that meant capturing one of the few Florida panthers left in the wild, and the first to travel anywhere near that far out of the everglades in a long, long time. A professional wildlife tracker was brought in and examined the tracks. He also spoke with the pet owners about the attack and has concluded it was in fact a coyote. Coyotes are much more common and account for a significantly larger portion of pet and livestock attacks than lions. This incident serves as just another example of mistaken identity and how mountain lions (also commonly called panthers and cougars) are often the first ones to blame for any problems with wildlife.



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