Woodland stream.

MLF Attends Rangeland Summit

Staff and volunteers attended the California Rangeland Summit to network with many of the most committed ranchers and conservationists in the state.

The day-long meeting dealt specifically with wildfire and rangeland management, and was focused on mediating the impacts of wildfires like those experienced in California in 2015 to rangelands dedicated to wildlife, conservation and . . .

Thank you Utah: Another Cougar Relocation!

As evidenced by a series of wonderful photos, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources lived up to its motto this week, proving that "wildlife is valuable to everyone" by relocating a mountain lion that wandered close to homes in Heber City. The female lion was spotted by neighbors in a backyard tree. Eventually, the lion "bailed out of the tree" and UDWR tracked, tranquilized and relocated the . . .

No Need or Justification to Hunt Lions in Nebraska

Lion champion Senator Ernie Chambers has introduced Nebraska Legislative Bill 961 to end trophy hunting of mountain lions in Nebraska.

Your letters in support of the bill will help to convince Nebraskans of the international significance of this tiny lion population, a stepping stone to repopulating the . . .

Wyoming Plans to Trap Lions

Wyoming House Bill 0012 (HB0012) has been introduced by Republican Representatives Jim Allen and Hans Hunt and Senators Eli Bebout and Larry Hicks.

photo copyright Jon Nelson 2015

The bill would allow "Any person holding a valid mountain lion license to . . .

What are the odds?

The historical average odds of any one individual being fatally attacked by a mountain lion in the United States is about one in a billion, or three times LESS likely than that same individual getting the winning numbers in tonight's Powerball Lottery.

In the past 25 years there have been only seven fatal mountain lion attacks in the United States.

This is a 28% chance (7 . . .

Kellogg Leaves California Commission Mid-Term

Jim Kellogg has stated that he is resigning from the California Fish and Game Commission, expressing frustration with the Commission's recent actions to protect wildlife.

Kellogg showed little consideration to anyone on the commission or testifying before it who placed a concern for wildlife before the short term goals of hunters.

"For the past couple of years, I've been losing . . .

South Dakota Woman Runs from Mountain Lion

photo copyright Jon Nelson 2012

Virginia Potter of Deadwood, South Dakota, and her small dog had a startling run in with a mountain lion Sunday night.

Around 7:00 p.m., Potter took her 6-month-old corgi out to her yard. Shorty, the puppy, began barking at . . .

Mountain Lion Season Ends Abruptly

The following story by Lauren Donovan is reposted from Inforum.com

With six of seven mountain lions killed in just four days—abruptly filling the quota and closing the season—a false impression might be created that the population is robust.

But the number of . . .

Celebrity Lion Killed in Montana

Earlier this month, a young female mountain lion made front page news. She had dispersed from British Columbia, Canada all the way into Montana's Helena Valley.

The 450 mile trek is extremely rare for a female lion. While males frequently travel great distances from where they were born, females tend to establish territories bordering those of their mother.

Back in March, the . . .

Lions still lurk in Buffalo Valley

The following story by Mike Koshmrl is reposted from the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

If not for a wolf pack attacking a horse in a Buffalo Valley pasture, the mountain lion now known as F72 could have come and gone . . .


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