Woodland stream.

Chambers still fighting for Nebraska's lions

The following story was written by AP reporter, Grant Schulte and originally posted on the Lubbock Avalanche Journal website.

Nebraska's longest-serving senator vowed Thursday to outlaw mountain lion hunting in Nebraska even if he has to circumvent a legislative committee to bring it to a vote.

Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha said Nebraska's mountain lion population is so . . .

Two Montana lion hunters get slap on the wrist for killing a family of lions

In January, authorities with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) received a tip that two men, Dwain Robertson and Douglas Smith, had trespassed onto private property, in a region closed to mountain lion hunting, and had possession of the carcass of a juvenile mountain lion.

Investigation of the tip led the landowner and MFWP wardens to the carcass of a female lion . . .

Nebraska's mountain lion automobile license plate bill passes 1st hurdle

In addition to authoring Nebraska's Legislative Bill 127 to remove the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission's (NGPC) authority to issue hunting licenses for mountain lions, State Senator Ernie Chambers has also introduced legislation to help Nebraskan's better understand these special creatures.


An Iowan's fight to protect mountain lions is thwarted by obstinate legislator

Shane Griffin's quest to protect Iowa's fledgling mountain lion population ran head on into the hard inflexible opinion of Iowa State Representative Clel Baudler today when House File 117, "an Act prohibiting the hunting or taking of cougars" failed on a 2-to-1 vote.

Baulder, who chairs the 3-member subcommittee of a larger 21-member House Natural Resources Committee had pretty much made . . .

Protection for lions faces a rocky road in Iowa

The following story was written by Kyle Munson, and originally posted on-line under the title Munson: One man's mountain lion mission by the Des Moines Tribune

NEVADA, Ia. - Shane Griffin's loner crusade to protect Iowa's mountain lions began as he struggled to finish a story.

A few years ago he was writing a fictional account of a war veteran who embarks on a deer hunt . . .

CDFW rescues starving mountain lion kitten from California beach

Responding to a report, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) warden Jared Strouss spotted a small, wet, female mountain lion kitten sitting on some rocks on the beach about a mile south of Islay Creek in Montana de Oro State Park late Sunday afternoon.

"I don't know if she fell in, but when I saw her she was sunning herself, and I wanted to give her time to get back up and . . .

Oregon Fish and Wildlife thumbs its nose at conservationists by killing another innocent lion

Last Friday afternoon, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) proved once again that they don't care how other states handle wandering mountain lions by first capturing and then killing a young dispersing lion found in the rural community of Bend, Oregon.

It all started when local law enforcement officers responded to a call from a resident who said that a mountain lion was . . .

Nebraska Decides Not to Hold a Lion Hunt this Year

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Director Jim Douglas announced today that there will be no mountain lion hunting season in 2015.

Claiming that the Commission's decision was not a result of the controversy generated by Nebraska's inaugural lion hunt, Director Douglas indicated that they needed to review the situation and that there might be a mountain lion hunt in 2016.

At . . .

2nd round for Nebraska's Mountain Lions: Senator Chambers is still in the fight!

Last Friday, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers made good on his promise and introduced legislation (LB127) removing the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission's (NGPC) authority to issue hunting licenses for mountain lions this year.

Similar legislation was introduced by Senator Chambers . . .

Mountain Lions Could Return to New England

The following story was originally written by the Associated Press and posted on January 2, 2015 on the Centralmaine.com website.

A Vermont animal tracker known nationally for her expertise in tracking cougars believes the big cats will eventually return to the Northeastern United States and neighboring parts of Canada, but she says the region won't see large numbers of them . . .