Morgan Monroe State Forest, Indiana

SDGFP Denies that South Dakota's Lion Population is in Trouble

South Dakota's 2014 mountain lion hunting season for the Black Hills region is now officially over, and despite prime lion hunting conditions, a relatively small hunt area, and the sale of more than 3,200 lion tags, hunters failed, for the second year in a row, to reach the Game Commission's quota. This year only 2/3rds (52) of the allowable mountain lions were killed by South Dakota trophy hunters, despite a 25 percent reduction from the previous year's quota.

While some might feel elated that once again fewer lions were killed than South Dakota's Game Commissioners wanted, many view this number with alarm and see it as more . . .

Hollywood's Iconic Mountain Lion P-22 Sickened by Rat Poison


Last year, National Geographic put a public face to Southern California's lion population when it photographed P-22 walking in front of the Hollywood sign at night. At that time, the animal was majestic looking and in apparent good health.

However, it was announced yesterday that National Park Service (NPS) lion researchers discovered in March that P-22 is now sick with mange, a parasitic disease of the hair and skin which may be the result of rodenticide poisoning.

"You can . . .

mountain lion cougar puma catamount panther
all the same animal!

Whatever you call America's Lion...

he's more than a trophy...
too few in numbers...
across far less habitat...
in a land with more people.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered about Mountain Lions

ACTION ALERT: Support Illinois Senate Bill 3049

04/10/14 by Mountain Lion Foundation

Introduced by Senator Linda Holmes, SB 3049 will amend the Illinois Wildlife Code to add the Gray wolf, American black bear, and Cougar to the list of protected species. These animals are currently very rare or nonexistent in the state. Senate Bill 3049 will help protect immigrants of these species to promote their recovery in Illinois.

ACTION ALERT: Stop California Assembly Bill 2205

03/06/14 by Mountain Lion Foundation

In 2012, Governor Brown signed SB 1221 into law which banned the use of hounds when hunting bears or bobcats in California. No longer can hunters release packs of unsupervised dogs into wilderness areas to chase bears or bobcats — often for hours and over miles of terrain — so a hunter could arrive at his leisure, take aim and shoot the exhausted animal out of a tree. A handful of frustrated hunters want to use their dogs again and have introduced Assembly Bill 2205 to undercut the recent ban.

Photograph of lion walking through autumn leaves.

The American Lion:
Biology and Behavior

Spend just eight minutes and learn little known facts about the fascinating mountain lion. Get a glimpse of how a mountain lion thinks, feels, and senses. What makes the mountain lion so adaptable to a wide variety of habitats? How does their hunting differ from that of wolves and bears? What is their relationship to the ecosystem?
Photograph of two autumn leaves, green and bright crimson.

ON AIR: Dave Jones on WDFW's KBD Program

10/08/13 An Audio Interview with Julie West, MLF Broadcaster

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Warden Dave Jones gives insight into the daily life of being paired with one of the Department's six Karelian Bear Dogs.