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California Wildlife Conservation Board Meeting

WHAT:Wildlife Conservation Board Meeting
WHEN: 10:00 am Thursday, June 2nd
WHERE: Room 437 of the State Capitol
WHY:The WCB decides how to spend this year's $30 million provided by the Habitat Conservation Fund. We want to make sure that money is spent wisely.

The Habitat Conservation Fund was created by prop 117 in 1990. To learn more about Prop 117 check out our articles here

The meeting went great and there were a lot of great projects approved. A quick shout out to Calaveras County, California, County of San Bernardino, Placer County, California, Lake County, California, Kern County, California and San Diego County, California for their projects that will support mountain lion habitat in California.

Calaveras is home to the Sheep Ranch Conservation Easement project that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is purchasing for the protection of deer and mountain lion habitat.

In San Bernadino County, Puma Canyon will be expanded ~20 acres for the protection of habitat and wildlife protection including the mountain lion. This is a cooperative project between the Transition Habitat Conservancy and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

In Placer County, the Placer Land Trust is acquiring a conservation easement over ~77 acres of land which is part of the Oest Ranch. This area will act as a wildlife corridor connecting large protected areas in Placer county.

In Kern County, the California Rangeland Trust is assisting in acquiring ~261 Acres of land in north-central Kern for preserving rangeland and a wildlife corridor between the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tehachapi Mountain Range and the Tejon Ranch conservation project.

In San Diego County, the CDFW and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are cooperating to acquire ~141 acres of land to expand the Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area. This will protect core areas of habitat to support threatened and endangered species and secure key regional wildlife linkages.

Also in San Diego County is the Sycuan Peak Ecological Reserve which will be expanded by 10 acres north of Jamul, California to prevent habitat fragmentation.

In Lake County, the Tuleyome will acquire the Silver Spur Ranch ~1,280 acres in Clearlake Oaks, California for the protection of native habitat. The property contains blue oak woodland, riparian areas, and chaparral habitat types that support a number of species including the golden eagle, western pond turtle, mountain lion, tule elk, ringtail, peregrine falcon, and bald eagle.

In Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, there is cooperation between several groups to acquire ~162 acres in the Live Oak canyon. Part of the land will join the City of Redlands Emerald Necklace and part join a priority habitat conservation area.



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