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CA: Environmental Career Night

On Tuesday evening, MLF's biologist Amy Rodrigues participated in UC Davis' environmental career night.

Four professionals from varying environmental fields gave presentations and had a panel discussion to give students an insight into their jobs, education, and experiences.

The panelists also offered advice, tips for landing a job, and courses they can take now to make themselves highly marketable after graduation.

It turned out to be a fun and very informative evening.

"I was happy to participate in career night. I just wish there would have been more of these events when I was an undergrad," commented Amy Rodrigues.

You can view Amy's slideshow, or contact her for more information:

Thank you to UC Davis, the Environmental Science and Policy Department, Lisa DiNicolantonio, and Melissa Whaley for the great hospitality. We hope to be able to participate in future events.

Event Details
When: Tuesday, May 10, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: 3001 Plant & Environmental Science, UC Davis campus
What: Environmental Career Night



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