Rugged mountains at sunrise.
Text: The editorial voice of the Mountain Lion Foundation.


Is Oregon's Measure 18 Dead?

In 1994, Oregon's voters passed Measure 18 by an overwhelming majority. This citizen placed initiative banned the use of hounds for hunting lions and bears except in cases of public safety. Ever since its passage, legislative bills have chipped away at its minimal protection with a series of preemptive eradication programs supposedly to help keep Oregonians safe*.

The most recent was . . .


Myth Busters: Why Hunting Lions with Hounds isn't Necessarily Better

Hound hunters are always bring up the "selectivity" option when touting the merits of using hounds to hunt mountain lions. They claim that the use of hounds COULD reduce the number of females killed and, subsequently the number of kittens orphaned because unlike "boot" hunters "they" have the ability to observe the animals from close up and of course will only kill those that would be considered . . .


Nebraska's Second Chance

After an absence of more than a hundred years, mountain lions are slowly returning to parts of their historic range. Some lion populations, such as the one located in the Black Hills of South Dakota are uniquely positioned to help repopulate the Midwestern states of Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa. Unfortunately pro-lion hunting interests are already making sure that does not . . .


Let the Killing Begin!

It's the day after Christmas, and South Dakota's lion hunters - all 4,000 or so of them - are enjoying the present South Dakota's Game, Fish and Parks Commission gave them: an early and expanded lion hunting season.

This year, so as to not frustrate all those impatient lion hunters that received new guns or hunting equipment in their Christmas stockings, the Commission moved opening . . .


Something is Rotten in the State of South Dakota

Once again it's proving to be very unsafe to be a mountain lion in South Dakota where the state game agency that should be protecting the species appears to be too ready to accept any excuse to "prove" that the department's actions to reduce the already pitifully small population is justified.

The most recent occurrence happened last Monday night when a resident in the small rural . . .


Stepping off the Cliff

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commissioners voted unanimously this morning to approve their game agency's proposed 2013 lion hunting quota of 70 females or 100 total lions. They also authorized the use of hounds for the hunt in Custer State Park and extended a year-round no-limit hunting season for lions outside of the Black Hills. Lions killed outside the Black Hills region of the . . .


Wyoming's Sleight of Hand -- You can Fool Some of the People . . .

Wyoming's Game and Fish Commission has proven itself to be a very astute political body. And this week's Solomon-like decision reeks from all the spin doctor rhetoric put forth to disguise the fact that once again too many lions will be killed to placate a small special interest group.

Earlier this year, a small group of private landowners from Crook County, the small sliver of Black . . .


Idaho Tells Familiar Tale to Justify Lion Killed by Boise Police

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), Boise is in the middle of lion country. Tucked up next to the Idaho National Forest, and with a riparian greenbelt running through town, its no wonder this community — fondly referred to by locals as the "City of Trees" — will get the occasional mountain lion showing up where it shouldn't.

Such was the case of a . . .


Cutting Away at Proposition 117

The California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) has long found Proposition 117 to be irksome. For some reason the Department's mind-set hasn't been able to get around the fact that there's an animal running freely about the state and an outside force (California's citizenry) is telling them how to manage it.

Ever since the passage of the "Mountain Lion Initiative" in 1990, CDFG has . . .


Something is Rotten in California's Fish and Game Commission!

If Shakespeare were still alive and living in California, his famous line from Hamlet might well have read: Something is rotten in California's Fish and Game Commission!

Take the case of the Commission's newly elected President Dan Richards, a "Life Member" of the NRA, who also actively supports several hunting organizations which pass themselves off as quasi "conservation" . . .