Woodland stream.

Scared Mountain Lion Captured in Salt Lake City Neighborhood

Late Sunday afternoon, several residents spotted a mountain lion wandering about in a Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood. Local police and representatives from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) responded, but despite an intensive 90-minute search were unable to locate the animal.

Then, approximately 30-minutes after the officers had dispersed, another call came in from the . . .

UPDATED: California DFW Confirms DNA of Killed Lion

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife's forensics lab has finished processing the DNA and has confirmed that the lion killed on Wednesday was in fact the same lion that injured a boy last Sunday.

Results from the UC Davis California . . .

South Dakota authorities kill another lion for behaving naturally

Late Monday night, a Pennington County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a mountain lion after the animal was spotted dragging a raccoon through a residential area in the small rural town of Keystone, South Dakota — population 337.

When the deputy responded to the call he found the young lion eating the raccoon it had captured in an alley behind a business. The South Dakota . . .

6-Year Old Boy Injured by a Lion in Mountains west of San Jose

A six-year old boy was injured by a mountain lion while hiking with family and friends in the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve in the mountains west of San Jose, California Sunday afternoon.


The young boy, who suffered scratches and . . .

Colorado Wildlife Officials Capture and Release a Lost Lion

Tuesday morning, a young female mountain lion awoke in the tree she had settled down in the night before, only to find herself in the middle of a Lakewood, Colorado subdivision.

When Colorado Parks and Wildlife wardens arrived on scene, the young lion weighing approximately 60 to 70 pounds decided that it was time to leave and led them on a short chase before being tranquilized and . . .

Montana Firefighter recounts rescuing mountain lion cubs from blaze

The following story was originally written by Dillon Kato and posted on-line on the Missoulian website - Photographs posted by Elizabeth Shellenbarger/ Bitterroot National Forest Helitack

One of the firefighters . . .

Mountain Lions, Bears, and Wolves Gain Protection in Illinois

The following is a press release from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

SPRINGFIELD, IL - The gray wolf, American black bear and mountain lion (cougar) will come under the protection of the Illinois Wildlife Code on Jan. 1, Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Marc Miller announced Monday. Senate Bill 3049, signed by Gov. Pat Quinn, gives the . . .

North Dakota's mountain lion population declining

The following story was written by Brian Gehring and originally posted by the Bismark Tribune

A cooperative study with the Game and Fish Department and South Dakota State University is entering its fourth year. Data from the first three years indicates North Dakota's breeding population of mountain lions is confined to the northern portion of the Badlands.

A multi-year . . .

Mountain lion removed from Rosamond backyard

The following story is a repost from the Antelope Valley Times in Southern California.

ROSAMOND — A mountain lion spotted in a Rosamond backyard Friday morning was safely removed by state wildlife officers and returned to suitable habitat, authorities . . .

Six Colorado Big Game Hunting Guides Accused of Trapping and Injuring Lions for an Easier Kill

Two Colorado big game hunting guides, Christopher Loncarich, 55, of Mack Colorado and his partner Nicolaus Rodgers of Shady Cove, Oregon, who were part of an outfitter's group of Western-slope guides that led expensive mountain lion hunts around the Book Cliffs Mountains on the Utah border are charged with 17 counts of violating Federal wildlife crimes.

The two are accused of trapping . . .