Woodland stream.

Confirmed Lion Sighting in Northern Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) announced that it has confirmed two mountain lion sightings taken from trail camera photographs in Lincoln and Marinette counties.

Coupled with the lion sighting in Bayfield County last January this makes the third confirmed report of mountain lions in the state of Wisconsin during 2014.

According to David MacFarland, a . . .

Nebraska's Bloody Year --11th Lion Killed and Counting

The carcass of a female mountain lion was found near the community of Ericson in Nebraska's eastern Sand Hills region.

According to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC), an investigation and forensic analysis is underway but they think that the animal may have been killed by a vehicle.

This lethal incident is significant because NGPC has officially estimated that there . . .

Oregon Raises its Cougar Mortality Quota to an Unbelievable 970

Last week the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission possibly made history by increasing that state's annual cougar mortality quota from 777 (one of the nation's highest) to an unbelievable 970.

The excuse for their action was "to reflect increasing cougar populations, more damage and public safety issues from cougar in some areas, and deer and elk populations that are below objectives in . . .

46M - the "Mountain View" Lion Killed by Automobile on California's I-280

The young, radio collared, male mountain lion known as 46M first came to the public's attention last May after he hid for nine and 1/2 hours behind a small hedge on a busy Mountain View, California street. On that particular occasion, 46M was successfully tranquilized, captured and later released back into the wild with only lingering memories of the incident to take along with him on his . . .

Wandering Lion Captured and Released in Fort Collins, Colorado

Monday afternoon, Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife (CDPW) officers caught a 1 1/2 year old female mountain lion who had wandered into a Fort Collins, Colorado neighborhood.

The young dispersing mountain lion was tranquilized and captured a few blocks away from the Colorado State University campus.

CDPW spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said that the lion was checked for . . .

Nebraska Hunters Kill Another Mountain Lion

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission reported that a hunter made history Sunday when he killed a 157-pound male mountain lion near Lewis and Clark Lake in Knox County, Nebraska.

His action made this the first mountain lion killed outside the Pine Ridge lion hunting unit during Nebraska's inaugural lion hunting season.

Nebraska is divided into four lion hunting units: the Pine . . .

Santa Cruz Puma Project Looking at Mountain Lion Energetics

This story was originally posted online at Phys.org as Study of mountain lion energetics shows the power of the pounce. Visit Santa Cruz Pumas for more information on this research project.

Scientists at the University of . . .

Scared Mountain Lion Captured in Salt Lake City Neighborhood

Late Sunday afternoon, several residents spotted a mountain lion wandering about in a Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood. Local police and representatives from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) responded, but despite an intensive 90-minute search were unable to locate the animal.

Then, approximately 30-minutes after the officers had dispersed, another call came in from the . . .

UPDATED: California DFW Confirms DNA of Killed Lion

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife's forensics lab has finished processing the DNA and has confirmed that the lion killed on Wednesday was in fact the same lion that injured a boy last Sunday.

Results from the UC Davis California . . .

South Dakota authorities kill another lion for behaving naturally

Late Monday night, a Pennington County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a mountain lion after the animal was spotted dragging a raccoon through a residential area in the small rural town of Keystone, South Dakota — population 337.

When the deputy responded to the call he found the young lion eating the raccoon it had captured in an alley behind a business. The South Dakota . . .