Woodland stream.

South Dakota Woman Runs from Mountain Lion

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Virginia Potter of Deadwood, South Dakota, and her small dog had a startling run in with a mountain lion Sunday night.

Around 7:00 p.m., Potter took her 6-month-old corgi out to her yard. Shorty, the puppy, began barking at . . .

Mountain Lion Season Ends Abruptly

The following story by Lauren Donovan is reposted from Inforum.com

With six of seven mountain lions killed in just four days—abruptly filling the quota and closing the season—a false impression might be created that the population is robust.

But the number of . . .

Celebrity Lion Killed in Montana

Earlier this month, a young female mountain lion made front page news. She had dispersed from British Columbia, Canada all the way into Montana's Helena Valley.

The 450 mile trek is extremely rare for a female lion. While males frequently travel great distances from where they were born, females tend to establish territories bordering those of their mother.

Back in March, the . . .

Lions still lurk in Buffalo Valley

The following story by Mike Koshmrl is reposted from the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

If not for a wolf pack attacking a horse in a Buffalo Valley pasture, the mountain lion now known as F72 could have come and gone . . .

Relocated Lion Sparks Rehab Debate

Friday evening, December 11, a young mountain lion was hanging around Circle Bar B Ranch in Goleta (Santa Barbara County, California). Reluctant to leave, and with reports of a domestic cat killed previously in the area, residents believed the lion might be sick or injured.

Local wildlife organization Animal Rescue Team (ART) was called to the scene. Because lions are a specially . . .

Cougar Cubs Rescued in Oroville

Three orphaned cougar kittens were captured by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officials earlier this month in Oroville along Highway 7.

Locals had reportedly spotted the thin 50 lb cats just outside of town. Officers arrived and found the kittens had been feeding on a deer carcass that had been illegally disposed of.

Over the course of three days, officers were able . . .

Mountain Lion Relocated from Pacific Grove

On the morning of Monday, December 7, residents in the coastal community of Pacific Grove (Monterey County, California), were surprised to see a mountain lion walking across roofs and climbing neighborhood trees.

Pacific Grove police officers were dispatched and notified the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). They arrived on the 300 block of Eardley Avenue to find the . . .

Fighting to Bring Panthers Back from the Brink

Florida's population of mountain lions (known locally as panthers) are critically endangered. With less than two hundred of the elusive cats left in the shrinking everglades, urban development and highways are chipping away at the species' chances for long-term survival.

Though it may seem hopeless, conservationists are refusing to give up on America's lion. Because every individual . . .

New Mountain Lion Found in the Santa Monica Mtns

The following story was written by Chris Clarke and posted on KCET website

There's a great big cat roaming the western end of the Santa Monicas, according to the National Park Service. An adult male puma previously undocumented by biologists was captured and collared by Park Service biologists in November, bringing the possible total of adult male cats in the Santa Monicas to . . .

Cougar Photographed in Tennessee

A mountain lion has been confirmed in Humphreys County, Tennessee. Though more than eighty percent of reported lion sightings turn out to be other animals, occasionally people do catch a glimpse of these elusive felines.

In states east of their current breeding range, dispersing juvenile males have been known to wander hundreds and even thousands of miles in the hopeless search for a . . .


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